Gone Too Far - Part 7

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SEP 04 2014 
Gone Too Far - Part 7
WHAT A TWEEST! Let's break down the rationale behind the elusive "plot twist done right," as well as a few personal favorites. SPOILER: One of them is not Star Ocean 3!

Plot twists are almost an expectation in game narratives at this point - either as regular screws that are doled out to keep a consistent level of interested over 40+ hours, or as a huge nail through the game's story meant to excite and entice would-be players and observers. Either way, they're still tools - singular instances that rely on the presence of preconceived notions, cultural expectations, and "playing the player," or viewer, as it were. The difference with games is that whole "interactive" dimension and how deeply a designer can instill that sense of screwiness with a well-thought-out shift in gameplay.

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Author: Space Lizard