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Welcome to the Tilde-One Games Trivia Repository!

What is Tilde-One? Good question!

Tilde-One Games is the product of one lone little celestial reptile. He mostly deals in RPGs with a strategic slant, often with unusual game mechanics and a whole lot of characters. If you have enjoyed or despised any of the games listed below, feel free to contribute. For everyone else, expect spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers.

Space Lizard is the administrator. You may contact/throw rocks at him here.

SPACENOTE: Due to ongoing spambot vandalism, there is now a password required to edit pages. Password for editing: t1wiki. Now GET OFF MY LAWN

Note that this wiki was only created recently, and many sections are still missing. Please feel free to contribute!


(The Reconstruction - released 2009)

(I Miss the Sunrise - started 2010, finished 2012)

(The Drop - started 2012, finished 2013)

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